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“Vignan Educational Foundation” which is a registered trust established in the Garden city of Bengaluru in the year 1991

ADMISSION – NOTICE (2013-2014) FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMMES (Recognized Certified Programme by RGUHS, Karnataka)

Cultural Week 21.04.2008 to 26.04.2008 A vibrant cultural week “JASHN 2008” was conducted from 21.04.2008 to 26.04.2008. Students and staff enthusiastically participated in the events like Dance, Singing, Antakshari, Skits, Rangoli, Fashion Show and many more.
Sports Week was conducted which included the following events. a) 26/09/2008 & 27/09/2008 – Carrom & Chess b) 06/10/2008 & 07/10/2008 - Badminton & table tennis c) 13/10/2008 & 14/10/2008 – Atheletics, Throwball and volleyball
Mr. Channa Basappa attender in Oral Surgery secured 3rd place in shot put and 3rd place in 400 meters at 11th Senior National Para Athletics Championship held at Jaipur from 19th to 22nd February 2009.
R.G.U.H.S Single Zone Hockey Tournament – Runners up against St. Johns Medical College at St. Johns ground, Koramangala on 28th February 2009.
Ms. Nividitha Singh IV BDS student, won first prize in Miss Personality contest at Indian Dental Student conference Novemeber 2008 Belgaum.
Mr. Tervor Chen John & Ms. Shabhana Alam, IV BDS Students secured first prize in Badminton Mixed Doubles at Indian Dental Student conference Novemeber 2008 Belgaum.
R.G.U.H.S Circket Cup 2008 – BIDS Cricket team won against Bangalore Medical College on 11/11/2008.
IDA Maaruthi Cricket Tournament – BIDS Cricket team won against Maruthi Dental College on 1st April 2009
Prize Distribution ceremony of cultural and sports day conducted during 2008 was held on 20/03/2009.
Dr. Amritha Mitra, Senior Lecturer, Dept of Prosthodontics, won second prize in Bangalore Mid Night Full Marathon on 10/01/2009.
BIDS Cricket
Sl no Participation Results
1 R.G.H.U.S Zonal Bangalore Zone (2008) WINNER
2 MARUTHI T10 Cricket Cup (2008) Semi-finalist
3 Ramaiah Cricket Cup (2008) Semi -finalist
4 R.G.H.U.S Interzonal In Dharwad (2009) Semi-finalist
5 Coorg Cricket Cup. December (2009) Semi-finalist
6 IDA - Maruthi Cup March - 2009 T-20 WINNER
7 RGHUS Zonal Bangalore Zone August - 2009 WINNER
8 Ramiah Cricket Cup (Aug - Sep) Semi-Finalist
9 R.G.H.U.S. Inter ZONAL Semi-finalist
10 Maruthi Pro-25 Cricket Cup WINNER
11 ALL India Cricket Tournment Google - 2011 Jan Semi-Finalist
12 R.G.H.U.S ZONAL Bangalore Zone First Round exit
13 Ramaiah Cricket Cup - 2011 Sept Premsthi M.S.R.M.C Cup Semi-Finalist
14 Maruthi Leauge Cup 2012 CRICHOLIUS - Jan Runner - Up
15 Sri Channe Gowda All India Cricket Tournment Hassan - Apr(2012) WINNER
University Cricket Team Players played in university cricket team
Sl no Name of the player Year
1 Dr. Rehan Shaeed 2007
2 Dr. Parthiv Mwhta 2007
3 Dr. Ashrafulla 2009
4 Dr. B.N Mishra 2009-2011
5 Dr. Rohith Dubey 2009-2011
6 Dr. Bikash Iyoti 2010
7 Vivek Vatamla 2010
8 Mr. Sunil K 2011
Other Sport
Sl no Participation Result
1 ZEST - 2009 GDC Bangalore Male Doubles Tables Runner up Dhaval Rav
(Oct 27-2009) Badminton Female Single Runner Up - Satyabama
(Oct 27-2009) Carcom Singles Runner-up - Satyabama Gitinomy
(Oct 27-2009) Chess Singles Runner-up
(Oct 27-2009) Badminton Mixed Doubles - WINNER
(Oct 27-2009) Singles Badminton Runners -Up Troveoic Inter - Zonal
2 R.G.H.U.S Hockey (2008-09) Runner Up
3 INQC Zoubl RGHUS Hockey (2009 - 2010) Runner Up
4 Inter-zonal Football Participated
5 Inter Zonal Hockey (2010 - 11) Runner-Up
  • Dr. Satyabama 2010
  • Dr. Travese Chain 2009
Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital and Postgraduate Research Centre, Bengaluru
Vignan Institute of Nursing, Bengaluru
International Medical and Technological University, Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
Katuri Medical College, Guntur, A P
Katuri College of Nursing, Guntur, A P
1. Oral Medicine and Radiology
2. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
3. Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics
4. Periodontia
5. Prosthodontia
6. Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
7. Oral Pathology and Microbiology.
8. Public Health Dentistry.
9. Preventing and Pediatric Dentistry