Chemical Compounds that Negatively Affect Male Health

During repeated studies, specialists found out that household chemicals and various chemical compounds that surround us in everyday life have a negative effect on male potency. Such substances as bisphenol A, phthalates and other components in food, cosmetics and household chemicals affect the male reproductive system and can lead to decrease in the concentration of spermatozoa and their mobility.

How It Started?

It all started with the fact that in the 1940s-50s researchers found out detrimental effect of estrogen drug used by women during pregnancy to prevent miscarriages. As a result of the research, scientists noticed that every fourth boy after estrogen therapy was born with an underdeveloped small phallus.

Dangerous Products

Observations also revealed the negative impact of radiation and pesticides widely used in the agrarian sector to destroy pests and improve the quality of crop. The effect of the first factor (radiation) was pretty unusual. It turned out that living in areas full of radiation leads to a sharp decrease in the birth rate of boys and, accordingly, to an increase in the birth rate of girls. The second factor does not have the best effect on the reproductive function itself. Excessive amounts of pesticides which a man contacts, consuming food or working in the agricultural sector, lead to decrease in the quality and concentration of spermatozoa.

Nowadays, it has been proven that steroids used for the best growth of cattle breeds subsequently lead to destruction of male germ cells. Meat, which contains hormones, is especially dangerous for the fetus in the womb and adolescent boys. Steroids adversely affect the development of the male genital organ that is being formed.

But the list of chemical compounds surrounding us and leading to decrease in male potency and fatal changes in the entire reproductive system is much longer. Here are some of such compounds:

  • Bisphenol A can be found in the inner coating of metal cans, metal stoppers for bottles, plastic containers and certain types of materials used in dentistry;
  • Epoxy resins can be found in foil food packaging, printing ink, polyvinyl chloride floor coverings, emulsion dyes;
  • Alkylphenol is present in industrial detergents, as well as hygiene products: shampoos, shaving creams, body creams. In addition, alkylphenol is present in gasoline;
  • Dioxins and chlorine-containing substances are an indispensable component of fat-containing products;
  • According to researches, Phthalates, which are widely used in cosmetic and perfume industry, can lead to the appearance of defects in hereditary information in male germ cells, as well as to possible blockage of spermatozoa production itself.

As you can see, we face dangerous compounds in our everyday life and should be aware of it. When problems with potency have already started, you can use some modern effective medicines like Generisk Cialis for effective ED treatment, however, you should contact your healthcare provider before starting to use any medications.